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My name is Zoubida Chedra

Founder Camaleón Consulting 


How our Consultancy was started

When I was in High School, I came across a job posting that caught my attention - a sales role. It fascinated me, and I didn't hesitate to apply for the position. Quickly I became one of the top sellers because I was committed to delivering the best possible service.

Later on, I pursued a Master's degree in persuasion sciences to gain a better understanding of human behavior. The knowledge I gained still helps me today in my role as a recruiter to identify the most promising candidates and predict their potential success in a role.

​After gaining experience in various recruitment roles (agency side, in-house recruitment, and headhunting firm), I decided to carve my own path. That's when I founded Camaleón Consulting.

Our goal is to go above and beyond for our clients so they can accomplish their mission of revolutionizing their industry.  We are inspired by the impact we can make for our clients.

We look forward to achieving great things TOGETHER!


Zoubida Chedra
Founder, Camaleón Consulting

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