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Welcome to Camaleón Consulting, specialized in Recruitment

We are a dedicated recruitment consultancy, specializing in assisting with your hiring needs. Whether you require our expertise in recruiting the ideal team members for your organization or seek guidance on establishing effective recruitment processes internally. 

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Heleen Sluijs

Werken met Zoubida is als een goed georganiseerd feestje. De voorbereidingen zijn superstrak, ook de verwachting over tijdspad en te behalen resultaten worden helder besproken. En komen uit!

Ik mocht nu 2x met Zoubida en haar team samenwerken, maar het is waarschijnlijk een begin van een veel lange samenwerking!

Frits van Enk

Zoubida introduced me to top talent and what I appreciate about Zoubida is that she cares about having a personal relationship too, which is very important. More importantly, she leaves nothing to chance; she communicates very carefully: check, double check !
As a recruiter / consultant I got to know Zoubida as a nice and energetic person. She becomes very enthusiastic about challenging assignments, in which she put a lot of effort. I appreciated that she communicated openly and honestly with short status updates.
I enjoyed working with her.

Looking For Your Dream Candidate?

We are here to support you in hiring top talent!

Attract the perfect team member with Camaleón Consulting.


With our unique recruitment process and close, personal relationships with you as a partner, we guarantee you'll attract the ideal candidate.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you build a winning team . 


Why Choose Camaleón Consulting for Your Recruitment Needs

✅Personalized Candidate Approach: We help you with personalized candidate approaches that  fit for your specific requirements.

✅Industry Knowledge: With years of experience we understand the unique demands of recruitment.

✅Dedicated Support: Our team is committed to providing ongoing guidance and assistance throughout the recruitment process, ensuring your success.

Kasper Scholten

Zoubida takes time to really understand your business needs.
She is always very proactive, enthusiastic, and provides highly skilled candidates.
I would definitely recommend Zoubida as a business partner for your staffing needs.

 Henriëtte Otter

Zoubida has been more than just another recruiter; she really took the time to get to know me as a person as she helped me search for the right employer. She has integrity and and strong drive to find the perfect match for both the candidate as well as the company. As much as I regretted her departure from Randstad, I know she is destined for so much more. I highly recommend her.

Kim van de Scheur - Dekker

Because of Zoubida I got the perfect job. She was very enthusiastic. Her willingness to help me find this new job was really great. She is a great listener and able to translate your needs into a realistic job description.
Besides she is also interested in your personal life which just add an extra dimension in the relation.
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Your Trusted Recruitment Partner



At Camaleón Consulting, we prioritize honesty and realism, fostering friendly and open conversations with our clients. We refrain from using pushy or aggressive sales techniques. We undertake projects only when we are 100% certain that we can help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations!



We genuinely care about you as an individual, not just as a 'client.' That's why we value building personal relationships. We firmly believe that establishing these connections is essential to attracting the perfect team member. 



Our in-depth understanding of recruitment sets us apart. We possess comprehensive knowledge of the recruitment industry.  

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